The OutGo360 Process

Inspect Your Records

The first step in the process is for us to look through your old invoices and determine potential areas of savings, redundancy and overpayment. Nothing else is needed from you. By design, we make the process incredibly easy!

Analyze Expenses

Once we review the invoices we speak to you about which vendors we would like to call. No vendors are contacted till you give us the green light!

Ensure You Are Paying Market Rate

We take what we have learned from the earlier stages of review and compare your current pricing to the market rates for those services. Because we work with so many different clients, we know what services and products should cost.

Find Savings

Once we find areas for savings, we work with the vendors to get the lower rates locked in. If needed, we will also help find alternative providers at the fair price. Rest assured, no changes occur without you giving us your approval.

We Operate using a Share of the Savings payment plan.
If we don’t find you any savings, there is no charge!

How Do You Know That You are Paying a Fair Price?

There is a good chance that you are being overcharged for the services and supplies that your company needs. While you're focusing on what you do best, you may not have time to ensure that all of your vendors are charging you a fair price. That is where OutGo360 comes in. We take a look at your invoices, analyze your expenses, ensure you are paying a fair price, and find you an average savings of 22%! The best part? You don't have to spend any of your time to conduct the review, and we only get paid if we find you savings.

Ready to Save?
Andy and his group were organized and efficient in conducting their audit with minimal disturbance to our day-to-day operations. The end result will be savings of over $250,000 for Durham Academy over the next three years.Jerry Benson, Durham Academy
“We were very pleased with the outcome and significant cost reductions working with OUTGO360 and Andy Crawford. We began the process with a bit of skepticism as a result of poor results working in the past with similar firms. Andy and his group were organized and efficient in conducting their audit with minimal disturbance to our day-to-day operations. The end result will be savings of over $250,000 for Durham Academy over the next three years. I am pleased to recommend them as a valuable resource for controlling and reducing costs for both businesses and institutions.”

I was initially concerned about how invasive the process would be in our organization and how much of my team’s time it would absorb. I have been pleasantly surprised at the minimal involvement that has been needed on our part to realize the savings that have been negotiated.Bill Mitchell, Damuth Trane
“I was initially concerned about how invasive the process would be in our organization and how much of my Teams time it would absorb. I have been pleasantly surprised at the minimal involvement that has been needed on our part to realize the savings that have been negotiated. Additionally as we have discussed, we have long term relationships with our partners and really value our relationships. I have received great feedback from our partners on how professional you were during the contract review/negotiations. I am happy that we have maintained all but one of the relationships.”

More Rave Reviews

“When VIF was looking for a consultant to review it’s vendor’s contracts and market prices, Outgo360 stood out as a talented, professional and experienced consultancy that offered a unique service. Through a thorough analysis of our business model and market research, Outgo360 was able to renegotiate vendor contracts and prices, saving our company $100,000 in the first year of working with them. We are delighted with the work Outgo360 has done for us to date.”
“We recently hired Andy Crawford and Outgo360 to review our organization’s contracts and invoices. We wanted them to identify and negotiate cost reduction with our existing vendors. Outgo360 was able to save Storr an average of 16% with the vendors they contacted. The best part, they work on a contingency basis so you only pay if they find savings and the amount paid comes out of the savings. Outgo360 did a great job of negotiating with our vendors without hurting the relationship—they just shared the facts based on their knowledge of what other people are paying for certain products and services. I highly recommend Andy and Outgo360.”
“We hired Outgo360 to review our organization’s expenses and identify opportunities to reduce our cost and also increase efficiencies. We were very impressed with their industry knowledge and devotion to helping us reduce cost, while maintaining our excellent relationships with our vendors.
The overall process was easy and we were able to see savings between 15-20% in almost all areas. I highly recommend Andy Crawford and Outgo360, they exceeded our expectations.”
“When I first heard this company would come in for free and look at all of my expenses to show me how to cut cost and save money I felt it was too good to be true.  However, after many days of detailed research of my yearly invoices and friendly contact to my venders to renegotiate prices, Andy has saved me as much as 17% on services.  He is very professional in his approach and one of the nicest human beings I have ever met.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just letting him look at your expenses.  I highly recommend Andy Crawford and Outgo360.”
“Andy Crawford and his company Outgo360 came to us recommended by one of our Board members, a prior client of Andy’s. We had no idea how Andy would dive into our business records, search our invoices and call our business partners. We didn’t expect him to become our advocate. Yes, through his negotiations he saved us money going out three years, but the actual benefits were far more reaching. By example, Andy trained our staff on how to look for and negotiate for savings. He helped us establish business relationship that were more interactive, teaching us the value of calling and discussing invoices instead of just accepting every contract and charge. We would recommend Andy and Outgo360 and would be pleased to be used as a reference for his company and future clients.”
“I am still smiling. Saving the Wilson Family YMCA such a significan amount of money is wonderful. The savings will enable the Y to make a greater impact in our community.”

“There was never a disruption in our day to day operation. You are both so pleasant and not at all obtrusive, we often forgot we were working on a project. The process was fast, educational, and productive. Thank you for helping us be better stewards of the Y’s financial obligations.”

“I am pleased to recommend Andy Crawford and Outgo360, whom we engaged to look at our vendor arrangements. Andy worked directly with many of our current vendors across the school and also introduced us to some new alternative vendors. In addition to negotiating substantial cost savings with current vendors, he has helped us with both new relationships as well as initiate some operational changes so that we can experience these savings long term.”
“Chuck met with our managers and reviewed all of our existing contracts. He was great to work with and achieved significant savings with several of our vendors. We would highly recommend Outgo 360 and Chuck Milian.”

Our Clients

Cost Reduction

Beat The Cash Flow Crunch

Cost reduction is often done in a panic, leading to hasty, unilateral decisions that do not fully consider long-term impact. Recognizing that most businesses and governments could probably benefit from taking costs out, OUTGO360™ takes a holistic and intelligent approach to total cost reduction.

Break free from the vicious cash flow crunch. Cut costs to re-purpose cash flow for investment in profit generating activities that increase sales and cash flow.

There is no risk to try our services!

OUTGO360™ performs your comprehensive cost reduction analysis with no guarantee of compensation. We operate on a contingency basis, meaning that we only make money, if you save money. Our compensation is based on a percentage of your savings we bring to the table.

Yes, you read that right – if we find no savings for you, there is no fee. Guaranteed.

No matter if you are a manufacturing company, school, real estate firm, car dealership, for profit or non profit, we can help.

Expenses we Review:
  • Cleaning Services and Supplies
  • Employment Services
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Equipment Maintenance and Leasing
  • Factory Consumables
  • Fleet Managements
  • Food Services
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance (P/C, Worker’s Comp)
  • Merchant Card Fees
  • Office Supplies
  • Packaging

  • Payroll Processing
  • Printing
  • Records Managements
  • Copiers
  • Security
  • Small Package Freight
  • Taxes
  • Telecommunications (Data, Voice, and Mobile)
  • Temporary Labor
  • Travel and Accommodations
  • Uniforms and Linens
  • Waste Management

Contract Review

For many enterprises, ongoing communications with their suppliers is minimal and often occurs only when problems arise with the delivery of the product or service defined in the contract. Such poor communication processes can cause disagreements over contract terms and conditions, and can make managing a contract extremely difficult and frustrating.

Truly Partner with Your Vendors

The vendor must understand the client’s buying decision process, time frame, budget, etc.
The price paid needs to be reasonable so the vendor can provide proper products and services.

A Comprehensive Solution Delivers Measurable Results

Negotiation is about more than price. Three main factors we always consider:

  • Knowing your organizational needs. We will work with you to understand how the product will be used and how many staff will be needed to maintain it.
  • Knowing your bottom line. We will start with something better than that and be prepared to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Researching the vendor solutions to meet your needs.

OUTGO360™ will use it’s experience and expertise to evaluate the following during a contract review and re-negotiation:

  • Pricing structures
  • How terms and conditions are applied
  • What the vendor provides outright vs. what is customized and therefore offered at a premium price

Meet Andy Crawford, CSO

Andrew Crawford is Founder and Chief Savings officer of Outgo360, a Raleigh based company focused on helping small and mid size companies save money via cost reduction and contract review processes. By showing clients how to contribute, year over year, to margin improvement of 10-25%, clients can take savings and invest if back into their core business.

Prior to Outgo360, Mr. Crawford was Vice President of NC operations for Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA, KELYB), a leader in providing workforce solutions.

Promoted to Vice President in 2009, Mr. Crawford’s responsibilities included all staffing business operations in the Charlotte and Raleigh markets, including Kelly’s administrative, light industrial, information technology, finance and accounting, scientific, engineering, education, and healthcare recruiting business.

Mr. Crawford has more than 18 years of negotiating and staffing industry experience. He joined Kelly’s healthcare division in Raleigh in 2005 as district manager. Prior to his promotion, Mr. Crawford was the southeast regional manager for Kelly Healthcare Resources in Raleigh.

Prior to joining Kelly, Mr. Crawford held sales and management roles in healthcare staffing in Raleigh, NC and Chicago, IL. Early in his career, he worked in sales for a research company in Chicago.

Mr. Crawford has been awarded numerous awards including Business Leader’s “Movers and Shakers Award.” Mr. Crawford’s connections to the North Carolina market include being a Den Leader with a local Cub Scout Pack, Member of the Governor’s Committee for Education Efficiencies and former board member with the NC Business Committee for Education.

Mr. Crawford holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.

Our average team member has over 19 years of procurement and purchasing experience working with companies from mid size firms to leading Fortune 500 companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your company only pays OutGo360 after we save you money. We are paid a percentage of the savings realized. This fee is paid over time as your savings are realized. If we do not save you any money, we never get paid. No results, no fee. It’s that simple.
That is your choice. You are under no obligation to implement our recommendations. In fact, we do not get paid unless you implement our recommendations and save money as a result.
We simply need your vendor invoices for the cost areas included in the analysis, underlying vendor agreements when applicable, and a brief discussion with the staff member responsible for making the purchases.
Not very long. Generally, we can gather all the necessary information from you in one brief meeting. To avoid taking up valuable staff time, once we are shown where vendor files are maintained, we do this work on our own.
In addition to contacting your current vendors, we select vendors that can provide the quality products and services that you require at a competitive price. Because we provide our cost analysis services for so many companies we are familiar with the practices and pricing of many different vendors in the cost areas we review.
Yes. We do an “apples-to-apples” comparison of the same quality products and services, not less.
No. OutGo360 does not act as a middleman. You will continue to purchase directly from your chosen vendor, whether it’s your current vendor or a prospective vendor. We simply negotiate the price and monitor future purchases to ensure pricing accuracy.
Yes, very well. OutGo360’s service is unique in that we are only paid when your company realizes savings. Few companies are so confident in their services to make their fee dependent upon the success of their service.

Our Vision

To help every company in America increase profits by lowering costs.

Our Purpose

To Honor God in all We Do.

Our Values

Have honesty & integrity in our relationships.
Operate with excellence & efficiency in our service.
Nourish faith & faithfulness in our daily lives.
Open-hearted giving & serving in our community.
Respect our clients & their vendors.

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